AlmaMundi is an off-grid eco-retreat centre in the Catalonian mountains of Tarragona, Spain. We host 3 types of retreats:

  • self-development retreats which usually include meditation and yoga

  • active-nature retreats with hiking, kayaking and cycling

  • craft retreats

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AlmaMundi is a place to disconnect from an excess of stimuli and a never ending to do list and reconnect to yourself and nature. We are completely off-grid which means that electricity comes from our solar panels and water comes from our well. We have a compost toilet which uses sawdust in stead of water.

Coming to AlmaMundi means going on a simplicity-back to basics façon d'être: outdoor showers, no wifi, camping amongst the olive trees and giving up a few luxury items like hairdryers and electric toothbrushes, as we do not have enough electricity to support them. 

Currently AlmaMundi is a camping only retreat centre. We provide tents and comfortable sleeping gear, all set up for you upon arrival. 

Most of our classes take place in the geo-dome, which is a hemispherical structure composed of a network of wooden triangles. For photos of the geo-dome please go to our Gallery.

How it all began...

AlmaMundi was founded by Etienne Corish and Siggy Verelst in 2017. Siggy and Etienne met at the Sunseed Desert Technology centre, a community led education centre for sustainable living with a great focus on self-development and communication. They lived at Sunseed for 2 years as coordinators and leading self-development retreats.


Having witnessed the transformations that people can go through coming on a retreat or spending time in nature and in community, they were inspired to create their own place. AlmaMundi was born out of a desire to create a space for people to unravel, unwind, clear out heads and hearts and reorient themselves to what makes them feel alive. 

Whether this happens through going inwards in self-development retreats or going outwards into nature is up to each individual to decide.


"What we are really looking for is an experience that lets us feel the rapture of being alive" Joseph Campbell.

About Siggy

Siggy is from Belgium but spent a big part of her life in Melbourne, Australia. She studied Film directing, then Hypnotherapy and then Psychotherapy. Currently she is studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Barcelona. She's been into meditation and the wanderings of the soul since a young age. She works as a therapist, gives workshops on emotional wellbeing and is also a Program Director at Nomad Academy. She likes exotic fruit, macramé and midnight adventures. She has been leading meditation and the self-development retreats since 2015. Click here for more info about Siggy.

About Etienne

Etienne is half Irish, half French, a mechanical engineer on paper but prefers a hands on approach to life building compost toilets, domes and installing solar systems. He walked from the South of France to and through Ireland barefoot. He loves mathematics, wiggling his toes and peanut butter. He guides the active nature retreats.

How to get to AlmaMundi

AlmaMundi has 5 international airports in its vicinities:

Barcelona Airport (2:30h train/bus ride)

Girona Airport (3:30h)

Reus Airport (1:00h)

Valencia Airport (2:30h)

Zaragoza airport (2:30h)

Barcelona, Girona, Reus and Valencia have connections to Tortosa train and bus stations, just 20 km from AlmaMundi.

Zaragoza has connections to Mora La Nova train station.

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